Homebrew + RVM + Chef Soloist

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OSX Homebrew + rbenv/RVM + Chef Solo

To make it easier to automate the setup of OSX on a development team or across multiple personal machines. This script attempts to install XCode if it is not already installed. Installs homebrew. Then using your github credentials attempts to kick off a chef-solo run of a repository of your choosing.

You can see an example repository here:


curl -L > /tmp/$ && bash /tmp/$

Options (set before running)

export DEBUG=true # Enable verbose messaging for git, chef librarian and chef-solo
export RVM=true # Use/install RVM instead of rbenv
export XCODE=true # Attempt to install Xcode from ADC instead of installing Xcode CLI tools

It is recommended now that you just install Xcode through the app store. Apple has not made it easy to automatically install Xcode anymore and many homebrew packages will not work with the CLI package.

If a solo.rb file is not present in your repo brewstrap will write one out expecting cookbooks only to be in the "cookbooks" folder. If you have additional folders you wish to include (for example site-cookbooks if you are using Librarian Chef) then check in your own solo.rb:

base_dir = File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__))
file_cache_path File.join(base_dir, "tmp", "cache")
cookbook_path File.join(base_dir, "cookbooks"), File.join(base_dir, "site-cookbooks")

If a Cheffile from Librarian Chef is present, brewstrap will install the librarian-chef gem and then attempt to run "librarian-chef install" before launching chef solo.

The details of your github credentials are written out to a file: ~/.brewstraprc. In the future this will be stored in the OSX keychain and multiple chef repositories will be supported so you can layer a personal repository ontop of a team repository.


I have multiple machines at home and I get a new laptop every 2 years. Going through and setting things up everytime is a hassle. I could do migrations but I like to use the upgrade as an excuse to clear out any cruft that I may no longer be using.


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