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Polyglot programmer. Devops. Sysops. Project management. Complexity manager. Generalist.

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The reverse IT career

Most developers start with software developer and either stick it out or migrate away to other IT roles. Schubert started in QA, got bored moved on to systems administration. Automated his job, got bored moved on to software development. Thankfully there are so many problems that need well designed software that this should keep him occupied for a long time to come.

"I was into it before it was cool"

Having done "agile" (iterative) software development practices since 2006, along with Ruby since 2005, Schubert has been involved with the tools and technology as it is starting to take off. He now enjoys exploring new areas of programming languages such as Scala and Clojure to expand his capacity to tackle the ever persistent problem of complexity management in software.

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Software Contributions code

This is just a small sample of the contributions Schubert has made to open source software.

chef_cap (primary author)

chef_cap takes a tool familiar to almost any Ruby on Rails developer and marries it to a tool that, while powerful, has a steep learning curve: chef. It allows a team to quickly migrate from having a pile of shell scripts in their Capistrano deployment to having a fully functioning set of chef deployment scripts without the hassle of setting up a chef server.

schematic (primary author)

Schematic makes it easy to generate fully-formed and self-contained XSDs that reflect the business rules of their Rails application models. When exposing an XML interface for migrating dataing from legacy systems this can be a valuable tool to rapidly iterate on that process without writing time consuming documentation or manually generation of such documents.

pg_audit_log (primary author)

pg_audit_log makes it easy to add full-blown data audit logging to a Ruby on Rails application that is completely transparent to the developer. Using database triggers and advanced PostgreSQL functions the audit data automatically partitions itself by month to make data growth easy to manage.

pg_search (contributor)

pg_search allows a Rails application to take advantage of the powerful full text searching capabilities of PostgreSQL databases with the ease of use by the developer much like SolR provides.

brewstrap (primary author)

If chef_cap is for servers and deployment, brewstrap is for developers and teams. It helps set up a personal or team machine on OSX using chef to save you hours or days of setting up a new machine.

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